Welcome to The Objecting Battleland For Worldliness!

Hello there! Welcome to my The Objecting Battleland For Worldliness so i created my show called the objecting battleland for worldliness and this is a 20 contesten 10 million dollars,this is a the objecting battleland for worldliness so yeah this host are book TOBW and Co-host are Tablet Robot so yeah,this elimination are robot tablet and this challengers are book TOBW so yeah,and challengers scaryness and who be eliminated in this next episode? well now this TOBFW it's the next episode and the firts episode of the scaryness challenge and error it's so scared in this scaryness challenge,this episode we be made a thumbnail by:theanimationbookTOBW(me) so yeah,hope you guys liked to my new channel to "TheAnimationBookTOBW" so yeah,and who we be voting on in this next episode and who we be eliminated this next episode well find out so,if you guys interested to join my discord there this link: hopefully this episode it's can be longer then 15 minutes,because this next episode can make a longer episode of TOBFW yeah! so yeah,that's all for my say,



  • swearing it's not allowed so do not swearing in this comment
  • don't make bad character on my show
  • if you created new account don't change the name
  • don't breaking this rules
  • No trolling
  • No sexual/offensive edits and comments
  • No abuse amongst users (i.e. name-calling, death threats)
  • Be respectful of the opinions of others (exceptions include beliefs that are considered offensive by multiple people, not just one. Please notify an admin if you find a comment or user offensive, but don't interact with them unless absolutely necessary. Remind yourself they are doing these things for attention)
  • No vandalizing the pages (multiple vandalisms will result in a permanent ban, while the first will most likely result in a 1 month block. The length of the punishment will depend on how much has changed on the vandalized page). This includes what some may consider a joke, such as making Papi a pedophile or claiming Popee and Kedamono are in a relationship
  • please oh god stop making all page we have a discord tobfw for you guys are liked my TOBFW :) (TOBFW discord link:



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